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At RKC infotech, we specialize in building and supporting robust, high-capacity web applications and information systems for organizations with online business models. For years we have built a track record in designing systems that manage customer information, analyze complex data sets, and target and deliver personalized content. Drawing on our expertise in eCommerce development, intranet and portal development, personalization technology, and community building, we create outstanding solutions.

RKC infotech provides web application development and maintenance services for online-retailing, marketing and media companies, and web/advertising portals leveraging its Development Centers in USA and India. RKC’s e-business solutions are characterized by a reliable, scalable architecture that is able to withstand large volumes of transactions and reduces downtime.

RKC’s offshore web application development services address the following areas:

-Merchandizing and catalog management

-Supply chain integration and management

-Personalization and email management

-Custom CRM applications

-Process automation for sourcing, ordering, inventory  management  and fulfillment processes

Our ebusiness solutions help online businesses...
-Expand and enrich the scope of their services
-Provide integration with enterprise systems
-Enhance customer experience on their site through improved  navigation, search and support functions
-Automate internal and customer-facing processes
-Work smarter and faster with vendors and partners using  customized eBusiness integration applications
-Establish best practices in developing and maintaining  back- end  applications
-Reduce their total cost of operations using our Offshore  eBusiness  and Web development teams in India

Portals and Content Management

Portals dynamically present information from various sources of information and data, providing a user-friendly view of the enterprise. The portal, in fact, allows the users, including customers, employees and vendors to self serve the enterprise information suitable to their working needs. Portals with their features enhancing use and collaboration today present an increasingly useful channel of business for enterprises to reach out to their customers

With a glut of information and myriad applications, effective aggregation and content management through the use of enterprise portals has become very crucial in maintaining a uniform flow of relevant information through a one-point source. Portals have become de facto the main business model acting as a key differentiator for many businesses.

Portals and Content Management (PCM) practice of RKC, provides consulting, design development, integration and support services for portal services and content management solutions to its clients across a multitude of industries. RKC’s innovative portal solutions have enabled our clients develop newer business models, increase revenue and customer satisfaction, and reduce operational expenses from newer channels of reaching customers.

RKC’s Portal solutions enhance value to customers through consulting and innovative offerings in areas of search, usability, e-commerce and e-mobility etc. Our content management offering spans the enterprise content management needs including document management, web-content management, digital-asset management, imaging and e-learning / knowledge management.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 norms have changed the very essence of business on the internet. Businesses are now working to exploit this phenomenon called Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is the next generation transformation of the World Wide Web; it is neither a new technology nor a technique, but it is a new way of thinking. Web 2.0 are a set of principles and practices that when applied would bring in change. Our Web 2.0 offering:

Build rich internet applications

-Deliver Rich content and experience on the web
-Enable multi-channel high quality end-user experience
-Leverage technologies like AJAX, Macromedia Flex, XHTML,  XML etc

Help clients adapting to the new service paradigm

-Move to a services based model
-Governance, software development, culture etc that emphasize more on collaboration and less on controls
Framework for bringing successful consumer technologies into the enterprise

-Social Computing Technologies like blogs, wikis, social  networking, communities of practice, and pod-casting

Usability process adoption

-Move to a services based model Governance, software development, culture etc that emphasize more on collaboration and less on controls

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